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Bring Paula to your next event

  • Available in English and Spanish

  • In Person or Virtual


For speaking events 

If you have any inquiries and/or would like to book Paula for your:

  • Women's Conferences

  • Mother-daughter retreats 

  • Disabilities Ministry Events

  • Senior Events (Lunch and Learn)

  • Lenten, advent or family missions

  • Youth Groups, School or College Inspirational Conferences

  • Corporate Events 

  • Children fun and formation

Fr. Donald Calloway, MIC
Author, No Turning Back: A Witness to Mercy and Consecration to St Joseph

"40 Gifts of Hope contains an incredible message of hope and love.  Paula Umaña's story is truly inspirational, and the book is filled with similar stories of people who have gone from pain and anger to finding peace and boundless confidence in God's providential plan.  All who read this book will be renewed in their determination to turn tragic events into powerful stories of healing and light."

Christiana Figueres,  former UN climate chief

"Paula is a powerful speaker who has an inspirational personal story to tell and to draw strength from"


"Listening to Paula’s story and insights into suffering were extremely inspiring. It gave me hope. Her testimony on suffering really made appreciate how our faith can carry us through any suffering and obstacles. She was outstanding, so inspiring.

Paula was very touching and powerful. Best speaker of the day! I loved her ending prayer where we put our own name into choosing the better part. It really brought her whole testimony into my heart and made it part of me. Tears all around! Who wasn't crying with love and hope?"

Michele Faehnle, Co-chair, Columbus Catholic Women's Conference

"It was a beautiful gift to have Paula share her witness of faith to the attendees of the Columbus Catholic Women’s Conference.  Her story of hope in suffering touched the hearts of all who were there and filled everyone with joy!  We laughed, we cried and gave our "FIAT" to the Lord together.  She was an inspiration to all! "

Rev. Gregory Hartmayer, Archbishop of Atlanta Approval

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paula's talks

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hope in suffering

Image by Joice Kelly

The 3 secrets to beat Suffering

Image by Giorgio Trovato
Dare To Win
( For youth, children and sports)
Image by Ben Hershey
Image by Jackson David

Living Lent with Joy

Image by Yannick Pulver

At the Feet of Jesus

Image by Joshua Earle
Breaking Resistance
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empowering Women through our blessed mother

Image by Ronak Valobobhai

40 Gifts Of Hope

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Match Point
In sickness and in health
Mother-daughter retreat
Image by Noemi Szabo

videos and conferences

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